Countdown prank


I edited countdown prank (,as some of you noted previous one was kinda lame. This one is edited to be loop, for better pranking your friends.

Have a good day K.

New "pranks"

Hey it's been a while,

but we're still working on this site for example there will be a lot of new pranks soonTM. Some of them will be lower quality like the new Trump one,we're sorry for them, these are such specific pranks and some of them will be really innovative! Regardless of the election outcome, we sincerely wish you great and productive week.



Mobile / Mac OS

I have got a submitted form of request for better mobile port for old and new pranks and I´m sorry, but I will not do it, because 97% we get are visitors with computers running Windows, so for me it's indication that I should point my attention on them. Same thing is for Mac OS I know about the issues and I'm sorry but I'm not going to resolve them. 



welcome to the blog of owner, here I will be posting information related to the site or some irrelevant stuff I find interesting.

I have never been a blog person, so we will see if this works ;)

Thanks K.

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